First commit


First commit

Hi friends! Today September 30th I start my new blog about software development stuff. As It couldn’t be other way, here it is the First commit version that each new project must have. I hope that this time would be different than the last one and I would write more than 3 posts each year 😞


My goals are thought to be realistic and not to be high-pressure with my own. I will write, at least, a post each two weeks and each post theme should be different that the one before. This way I will try to learn new things and share with all of you.

Obviously, this blog has some personal goals that I want to achieve:

  • Improve my english level forcing me to write each post in Shakespeare’s language.
  • Write down my doubts/feelings/discoveries about software stuff.
  • Share my knowledge and my abscent of knowledge to the world.
  • Discover new topics and learn them.

Summing up

This place will be where my thoughts and opinions rest. I hope you to enjoy it and feel free to comment or question whatever you want.

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