Happy New Year

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post on the blog. Tough year this one, this virus has changed our lives in a way that was impossible to predict one year ago. Last year I didn’t set any goals to reach for, and for sure, if I would have done it, I wouldn’t have achieved them.

In this post I would like to recap the year because although it was challenging many things changed for the good.

Just Draw It iOS

We started the iOS version of Just Draw It in February and was live at the end of the month. We tried to keep it simple from the beginning but nowadays both apps have the same features 🎉.

It was downloaded more than 15k times during 2020, which is not as impressive as Android that was downloaded more than 180k times, but it is still a very good number. The goal for this 2021 on Just Draw It iOS is getting more than 50k downloads.

Just Draw It

We thought that the lock down and restrictions around the world would make Just Draw It to decrease, but out of the blue this year has been a success for Just Draw It!

We appeared on Xataka Android and Microsiervos, two spanish blogs that reinforced us during the quarantine and its impact was huge.

The goal for this 2021 on Just Draw It is to continue with this tendency, we will work harder to build the best features for our users.


Just Draw It was created with the goal of learning new Android architectures and how to deal with maps. We didn’t know at the beginning if the product would be used by users, so we made the code as flexible as possible.

This flexibility allowed us to create a simple but useful app reusing most of the Just Draw It code. We had Area and Area iOS ready in a couple of weeks.

The goal for 2021 on Area is to continue growing, improving and adding more and more features.

This year has probably been the toughest year of our lives (we are not that old after all) but it is already gone and we are ready to embrace the new 2021!

Happy New Year!