Just Draw It now on iOS!

Hi everyone!

We are glad to announce that Just Draw It is available on iOS! It’s been almost a year working on the Android version and we wanted to offer the same experience for iOS users.

This first version is an MVP with the same features we released in the very first Android version. It just does what Just Draw It should do: draw on a map and know the distance of the drawn route.

First version

This new app was released at the end of February. We follow the “Iterate Fast and Release Often” philosophy and that is why we released it as soon as we had a minimum working version. Although we had clear the potential of the Android app version, we didn’t want to develop all the features at once before releasing. We just wanted to try out the App Store and learn all about its functionality.

Since the release this app has been downloaded more than 200 times. This might not sound impressive, but having into account we haven’t done any marketing or advertisement campaigns at all it is a pretty good number.

What now?

Maybe you are wondering, what now? Here it is, now it is closer to his Android big brother version. We prioritize the features that our users use the most:


This is still a small taste of what Just Draw It could be, but we are in the path to build an awesome iOS app.

To finish this post we would like to talk about the damn COVID-19 in our country. These days are being tough for all of us. Spain is suffering one of the worst scenarios of our history and we would like to say thank you to all the doctors/nurses and people working hard to overcome this. Together we win.