Just Draw It!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since my last post. I started a blog about code twice and twice I failed. Why do I fail writing about my passion? It requires a lot of time finding a different topic, investigating it and finally, writing a good blog post. There are a lot of blog posts that are based on very small features and not about a final product.

Pet project

This past year I started a pet project together with my uncle. We have been working on it since April and the journey has been painful and joyful, and completely worth it. We like running and walking and we realized that most of the apps out there were developed to track runs but not to plan them beforehand. I know, probably all of you are thinking on Google Maps but it doesn’t have this feature exactly.

With Google Maps you can create a route and add waypoints between the starting and finishing point. This is pretty similar to our idea but it doesn’t allow you to measure the distance between waypoints before adding them. We wanted to have this information in realtime and in the easiest and quickest possible way.

Just Draw It

This was the very first start of Just Draw It by Lapacadevs. We spent two weeks in the first version of the app, an Android application that the main (and only) feature was to draw with your finger on a map and render the distance of the route while drawing. After this initial release, we kept adding small features almost every week.

This is how the application looks like now

Just Draw It

Why start talking about this? Working on Just Draw It has been amazing so far. We learned a lot on the way, not only about code but also about product and business strategy. This is the direction I would like to move this blog in, writing about product, about the decisions we take in Just Draw It and their impact.

Just Draw It has now more than 50k downloads in Google Play Store and a rating of 4.5⭐. We are very proud of this. On this journey, we made some really good decisions, a few more not that good, but so far we are enjoying it

Stay tuned, this project is just starting and we wanna share this with you!